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Music Distribution Simplified.

No more barriers.

Sell your music worldwide.

DistroSongs is the simple answer for all artists and independent labels, large and small. Worldwide music distribution to all major music streaming platforms simplified.


Be your own record label and sell your music worldwide with opportunities to keep 100% of your earnings with no hidden fees, no complicated upload process, no complex royalty splitting system, no established fan base require. Absolutely NO barriers.

Free distribution plans available.


Simply Distribute Your Songs to Major Streaming Stores

DistroSongs makes it simple to distribute your music to major streaming stores like Spotify, Apple, Amazon Music, Deezer, Pandora, and many more...

Simple Payment System

DistroSongs offers plans that allows you to keep 100% of earnings that are paid directly to you and your collaborators through Paypal®. Earnings are deposited into acounts and eligible for withraw after the Digital Service Provider (DSP) waiting period of about 3 months.

Simple Split Payments

DistroSongs offers a simple split-payment system for each release that automatically pays you and your team members. Team members DON'T have to be registered with Distrosongs.

Simple Upload Process

Simply drag and drop your artwork and tracks with DistroSongs. Just focus on what you do best and DistroSongs will do the rest.

Simple Dashboard

DistroSongs offers a personalized dashboard that helps you collect, track, and organize the streaming data from your listeners across distributed streaming platforms.

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Simplified  for  Record Labels

DistroSongs allows you to easily manage unlimited artists from one customized dashboard. Simply set and schedule your split-payments and track each artist’s unique streaming data.

DistroSongs connects your music catalog to the World Library Publication registration to ensure that no one else can upload your music without your permission.

If you release a song now and a new streaming platform becomes available in the future you can simply choose to distribute to that new platform for free.

DistroSongs offers free UPC/EAN codes if you don't have your own with all releases.

DistroSongs offers SmartLink for you during each release to simply market your music to fans and let them listen on their preferred streaming platforms.

In the Spotlight

Simplify Your Business & Grow

DistroSongs aims to simplify the music distribution process to help artists and labels focus on what they do best.


Distrosongs is constantly creating new features and distribution plans. When you create more music, DistroSongs will find more simple opportunities.