Updated: Mar 23

DistroSongs is NOW LIVE!!!

Thanks to all the testers and early subscribers who helped to work out all the bugs for years to make this day possible for everyone!

DistroSongs simplified music distribution so that anyone can distribute music to all major music streaming platforms for listeners worldwide.

No hidden fees .

No complicated upload process.

No complex royalty splitting system .

No fan base required.

No barriers.

DistroSongs offers extremely competitive music distribution plans for indie artists along with flexible Label subscriptions for both indie artists and record labels. DistroSongs also offers great Lifetime distribution and Fee plans. Sign up today!

You can keep up to date with news and information here.

You can also posts topics for later discussion and/or features you would like to see offered by DistroSongs. We are always listening and working toward making music distribution Steadfast and Simple.

DistroSongs: Steadfast Song Distribution Simplified.